Happy Earth Day!

In honor of this very special day, we thought it might be timely to post some information about environmental service projects that youth might be interested in. Activism is essential, and today’s youth are strong advocates for Earth justice. For those of you out there looking to engage in some projects on Earth day, or in the days and weeks that follow (or, even better yet…everyday!) here are some ideas. These all come from a book by Barbara A. Lewis, titled The Kid’s Guide to Service Projects. There is an entire chapter dedicated to environmental service projects, and here are a few of my favorites. Some of these projects will be ongoing, some of them can be a one-time event. While these are very general, the idea is for individuals to take the service project and adapt it to the area in which you live. Enjoy!

  • Plant a garden on your school grounds
  • Encourage your school to recycle paper, newsprint, cardboard, glass, plastics, aluminum cans, chemistry lab wastes, etc.
  • Hold an environmental fair at your school
  • When you shop for school supplies, buy folders and notebooks made from recycled paper.
  • See if your school with agree to switch to recycled paper products for the whole school (office paper, stationary, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.)
  • Make presentations on environmental issues to community groups, local garden clubs, the health department, PTA, mayor’s council, and other organizations in your area
  • Work with your neighborhood or community to clean up abandoned buildings and vacant lots
  • Volunteer to help with neighborhood curbside recycling pick up
  • Try to get a state or city ordinance passed requiring deposits on recyclables
  • Organize a carpooling campaign to cut down on air pollution, or organize a “Bike it” campaign
  • Start a compost pile with natural refuse
  • Check your tap water at home for lead or chemicals
  • Take household toxic waste to a proper facility

There are many more ideas on how to get involved in community activism and Earth justice, and these are just a few general ideas that may help you get started. Remember, while some people may think that Earth day is only one day a year, we must encourage them to treat everyday like Earth day- participating in events and ongoing projects like these show that we are actively participating in Earth day everyday of the year!

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