The tag-line for the Green Sanctuary program is “Congregations and congregants working together to restore Earth and renew spirit.”  The Green Sanctuary program is collective effort – its about all of us, according to our talents and capacities, coming together to create the Earth community we have envisioned.  The program encourages individual actions that reduce our impact on this planet while also acting as a program of congregational action.  Its about working together to strengthen our ability to create change.

One of the barriers for individuals to get involved in environmental work is that they feel detached from the situtation.  They believe that they are too small of a unit to make any real difference.  And often end up asking themselves “What can *I* do to help save the environment?”

In response to this those dedicated and most committed environmentalists end up creating long-lists of small everyday actions people can take.  Yet those that feel detached often find that this isn’t enough for them and so they continue being aware that there is a problem and not really doing much to change the situation.

Here’s the deal: solving the climate crisis will take a strong grassroots movement. Until we have a strong climate movement that can make our politicians work for us, they’ll keep working for the big polluters. We are called by our faith as Unitarian Universalists to get to work by changing our country from the bottom up.  As Congress finally begins to debate climate and energy legislation, we, as believers in the democratic process need to take a minute to ask our Senators a simple question: are you working with us or are you working with the big polluters?

Make a call and remind your Senator that they work for you, their constituent, not big companies. Use this resource from to make the call.

This is something *YOU* can do to help save the environment.

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