40 Days of Commitment, 40 UUs in Your Congregation Stand Up for Environmental Justice

Check out the UUMFE’s Earth Day Resources

Unitarian Universalists (UUs) all over are thinking about water justice, from the UU Legislative Ministry of California‘s campaign to pass legislation on the Human Right to Water to congregations in New York examining the impacts of natural gas hydraulic fracturing on watersheds.  As UUs, we are called to respect the interdependent web of all existence and water is a common thread. For Earth Day 2011, UU Ministry for Earth (UUMFE) is asking congregations to celebrate the sacred waters that sustain us all and to commit to 40 days of actions that will make our world more just.

An individual’s commitment for 40 days makes a real difference, and it is only amplified by doing this in community. More than 150 congregations registered participation in Earth Day in 2010 – let’s make it even greater this year!

This year’s Call to Action for sacred waters includes extensive resources and suggested actions for participating in the 40/40 for Earth Challenge and bringing your water justice ministry beyond church walls.

Be sure to register your events – your ideas may inspire others!

After Earth Day and/or your 40/40 for Earth Challenge, share your stories (same format as registration) and send us photos. We would love to post them on our Facebook  page, share highlights with the UUA, and include stories in upcoming newsletters.

For your Earth Sunday service, you may find the following items useful:
*    A “Sunday Service Kit” to help you incorporate the 40/40 for Earth Challenge into your service (coming soon)
*    A responsive reading and 40/40 Pledge insert for your Order of Service (coming soon)
*    Certificate to honor your congregational Eco-Hero – that dedicated, hard working person who has made a significant contribution to your church’s Earth Ministry this past year
*    Form to nominate your congregational Eco-Hero for the 2011 UUMFE Guardian of the Future award to be presented at UUA General Assembly in Charlotte this summer.
*    Order of Service cover (letter size, color) (letter size, grayscale) (legal size, color) (legal size, grayscale)
*    Order of Service insert with UUMFE and membership information (print two sided and cut in half) – may also be used as a handout at your program table or use our brochure.

The following pages will help you learn about water justice issues and plan your 40/40 for Earth Challenge:
*    Water Justice Issues – a sampling of the many issues that might inspire your congregation to action
*    40/40 Sample Actions – choose one or more from this list of 40 actions for your 40/40 pledge
*    40/40 FAQs – more information on the challenge
*    Water Justice Resources – includes UU resources; water justice organizations; and books and films for adults and children
*    Spread the Word – engage your community through press and publicity for your Earth Day event

In addition to using these resources for Earth Day and beyond, we ask that you make your Earth Day service an opportunity to support the work of UU Ministry for Earth . Please include a special collection for UUMFE as a part of your service and promote membership in UUMFE. Our continuing service to UU congregations is dependent on the generous support of individual UUs and their congregations.

This year’s Earth Day resources were developed by UUMFE in collaboration with the UUA, UU Service Committee, Clean Water Action, and the Coalition for Waste Water Treatment. We hope you find them inspiring and helpful in finding ways you can celebrate the abundance of our planet in a just way.

Rowan Van Ness
Environmental Justice Program Associate
Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth

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