If you haven’t seen it already, check out the UUA 40-Day Challenge for Earth Day video on the homepage of UUA.org. The video culminated in an UUA Chapel Service that I co-led yesterday (we have Chapel on Tuesdays at the UUA) Sacred Waters – A Chapel Celebrating Earth Day. I wanted to share the Chalice Lighting reading.

“We All Live Downstream” from the book Water Consciousness: How We All Have to Change to Protect Our Most Critical Resource edited by Tara Lohan.

” ‘We all live downstream.’
We are connected to each other by our dependence on water and our participation in its use.
Overtime, water has been our world’s architect – carving and sanding stone, breathing life into forests, testing the patience of deserts.
But water has also been the architect of our communities, enabling us to put down roots along the banks of rivers and build lives as deep as our wells.
How we use or abuse our water resources has shaped the kinds of communities we live in and the land that surrounds them.

How do you use or abuse water resources?  Can you think of ways to change these habits/patterns?

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