Totem Salmon: Life Lessons from Another Species
by Freeman House
Published by Beacon Press

Because it was about salmon in the Pacific Northwest, this book was hard for me to read.  Periodically I found myself bored  But then I remembered something I’d told others about when I was running a book group:  boredom can be a sign of resistance, and if you dig deeper you might find something underneath that boredom that you really didn’t want to see.   What I found was a profound feeling of disconnection.  Disconnection from the food I eat, the products I buy, the consequences of those purchases.  This book is all about connection, but since I was (at the time of reading it) so vastly disconnected that I’d lost the ability to even recognize the problem.

If you have an interest in Native American ecological perspectives, or would like to read a detailed account of what a local grassroots environmental action looks like when it’s serious, this is the book for you.  It’s lyrical prose will lure you into a deep reflection on the state of food practices, an indeed life itself.  This book is deeply spiritual, and you may find yourself surprised with the depth of meaning you take away from its pages.

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