I’ve recently learned about a new resource for greening seminaries.  The Green Seminary Initiative fosters efforts by theological schools and seminaries to incorporate care for creation into the identity and mission of the institution.

The Green Seminary Initiative has much in common with the Green Sanctuary program – the former is for theological schools and seminaries whereas the latter is for congregations.  Both programs make it clear that environmentalism and theology are integrally linked, social/environmental justice and ecological problems are intertwined, building community is important, and that it is important to celebrate your accomplishments.  The 20 Guiding Principles to Greening Your Seminary are also good to keep in mind when creating a Green Sanctuary at your congregation.

Currently there are only 7 seminaries who have submitted Green Profiles.  UU seminarians, I challenge you to get your school on-board with this effort and have it added to the list by Earth Day 2012!

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  1. Chad Katayama

    The mission of seminary schools is to help aspiring ministers and priests gain a solid understanding of religious faith to prepare for a career in religion. The seminary curriculum will cover subjects such as pastoral ministry, philosophy, psychology, theology, languages and literature, family and culture, leadership, education, pastoral counseling, multicultural and intercultural studies, marriage and family enrichment, and many others.

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