It’s time to put on your organizing hat and mark your calendars!

The Fall offers multiple events for those concerned about the environment to rise their voices and be heard on a larger scale by joining with others nationally and internationally to draw attention to issues that are important to us!

Green Sanctuary congregations, Unitarian Universalist congregations, and other faith communities are called to witness as well as take action to slow down, if not reverse, the trend of climate change.  We know that there are things that we can do as individuals, as congregations, and as a faith community. Take the opportunity on these dates to organize and raise our collective voice to show the world that we care about the environment, the Earth, ourselves,  as well as each other.

Each event has lots of ideas and tools for organizing – use them!  And share with us what you plan to do to make a difference.

September 14th – 15th
The Climate Reality Project
24 Presenters. 24 Time Zones. 13 Languages. 1 Message. 24 Hours of Reality is a worldwide event to broadcast the reality of the climate crisis. It will consist of a new multimedia presentation created by Al Gore and delivered once per hour for 24 hours, in every time zone around the globe. Each hour people living with the reality of climate change will connect the dots between recent extreme weather events — including floods, droughts and storms — and the manmade pollution that is changing our climate. We will offer a round-the-clock, round-the-globe snapshot of the climate crisis in real time. The deniers may have millions of dollars to spend, but we have a powerful advantage. We have reality.  The Climate Reality Project is founded by Al Gore.

September 24th
Moving Planet: A day to move beyond fossil fuels.
Moving Planet will be a day to put our demands for climate action into motion – marching, biking, skating – calling for the world to go beyond fossil fuels.  This event is sponsored by  If you participated in Day in 2010 you’ll want to make sure that you do something on this day (the past two years it has been in October…note: this year 2011 it is in September).

October 1st-15th
EcoChallenge: Change begins with you.
The EcoChallenge is an opportunity to change your life for good. For two weeks every October, we challenge you to change one habit for Earth. You choose your challenge, we connect you with other EcoChallengers, and collectively we prove that small actions create real change.  This is sponsored by our friends at the Northwest Earth Institute who have provided discussion courses that are popular amoung UU congregations including but not limited to: Choices for Sustainable Living, Menu for the Future, and Voluntary Simplicity.

October 16th
World Food Day, a worldwide event designed to increase awareness, understanding and informed, year-round action to alleviate hunger.

October 24th
Food Day, a national event committed to:

  1. Reduce diet-related disease by promoting safe, healthy foods.
  2. Support sustainable farms and limit subsidies to be agribusiness
  3. Expand access to food and alleviate hunger
  4. Protect the environment and animals by reforming factory farms
  5. Promote health by curbing junk-food marketing to kids.

 November 3rd-4th
Interfaith Action to Protect Creation.
This interfaith day seeks to “awaken our nation’s leaders to the urgent need for immediate and effective action to address climate change.  As a people of faith our common teachings proclaim us to be caretakers of the land which we have been charged to respect and care for, this blessing of earth, and we are also compelled by our faith to be a voice with members of our human family who are most vulnerable, who suffer the most from impacts of climate change.”

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  1. Tom Abood

    First Universalist Church of Denver will host an Earth Celebration on Sunday Oct 9 from 10 am to 1:30 pm. The Earth Celebration will feature a presentation by David Wann the author of Affluenza, Simple Prosperity and his recent book “The New Normal.” We will have a potluck lunch of dishes prepared by all attendees from their gardens or from local/organic produce and foods. There will be childrens’ activities, music, composting demos, plantings and much, much more.

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