Looking for books that help teach children how to eat healthy? I have found a number of books specifically geared towards children that address this topic. While there are, I’m sure, many other books that address this topic I found the following five books to be particularly well written, creative, and interesting.

In the Garden by Leslie Bockol
This book, geared toward children ages 3-6, teaches children the process of growing fruits and vegetables and introduces them to a variety of different fruits and vegetables that can grown in a garden. The art that accompanies this short and easy-to-read book is also lovely and would be quite enjoyable for a young child. Additionally, there is a page of gardening tips and recipes for a parent reading this book to a child.

The Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin
This book is about a child who plants a garden with her mother, but as the seeds begin to grow and the plants begin to show, the child is disappointed by their appearance and believes that their garden is “uglier” than her neighbors, which is full of colorful, wonderful smelling flowers. It isn’t until the end of the story that the child realizes the worth of her garden when her mother makes a delicious vegetable soup with items hand-picked from their very own garden. This book contains a recipe for “Ugly Vegetable Soup” at the end of the story.

The Vegetables We Eat by Gail Gibbons
This book is a very helpful tool in teaching children the basics in vegetables. Not only does this book teach children about the wide range of different vegetables, but it explains the different categories among vegetables (fruit vegetables, seed vegetables, etc.) as well as the tools you will need to plant in a vegetable garden and how the vegetables are then harvested and processed before taken to the grocery store. This is a very useful and informative book.

Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon by Jules Bass and Debbie Harter
I absolutely adore this book! This book is one of the many I have read that was published by Barefoot Books and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The story is about a vegetarian dragon and the battle between humans and meat-eating dragons. Herb, the vegetarian dragon, is stuck in the middle of the feuding. It’s a great story about the challenges to being vegetarian in today’s world as well as the many positives of this lifestyle as well.

The Talking Vegetables retold by Won-Ldy Paye and Margaret H. Lippert
This is a traditional story story from Liberia and is retold by Won-Ldy Paye, a Liberian artist and performer. Not only is it a story about growing a vegetable garden, but it is also a story about working together to create something. In this story, the animals of the farm all work together to create this garden so they can have good food to eat  but the spider does not choose to participate. As the spider begins to see what wonderful food can grow in a garden, he is regretful that he didn’t help out.

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