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Are you inspired by Sue Kirby, Carlo Voli, Terry Wiggins, Rachel Mark, Gaye Symington, the 14 UUs arrested on the Tar Sands Interfaith DayTim DeChristopher, or any of the 1253 people who were arrested August 20 – September 3 at the Tar Sands Action protest in front of Washington, DC?

Do you want to put your UU values into action?  Do you want to connect what you know in your head and feel in your heart so that you are moved to witness on behalf of the Earth, First Nations communities in Canada, Native American tribes along the pipeline route, and everyone else who lives downstream?

On Sunday, November 6th the Tar Sands Action folk including Bill McKibben, founder of,  will be organizing people to circle the White House in an act of solemn protest.

Winston Churchill is quoted saying “I never worry about action, but only inaction. ”  The Tar Sands folks don’t know if they’ll be able to get the thousands of people they need to circle the entire White House.  They aren’t even sure that this is the best course of action.   And yet they are taking a risk.  Meister Eckhart said “The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake. ”  So I’m appealing to you to join us in this historic action.

We need YOU to show up on Sunday, November 6th to participate in this action (along with your friends, neighbors, fellow congregants, and perhaps even enemies).  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a large number of yellow Standing on the Side of Love t-shirts helping to encircle the White House?  “To remind President Obama of the power of the movement that he rode to the White House in 2008. This issue is much bigger than any individual person, President or not, and that we will carry on, with or without him.”

For more information about the Sunday, November 6th action contact

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  1. Vincent Pawlowski

    Thanks for posting this, Robin!

    I was overjoyed that so many Unitarian Universalists came to put in their time together, and extremely grateful for you personally for your support, and to the UUA for sending you and Kat. Also, special thanks to Pam Sparr, who helped organize homestays for UU’s and Rev. Craig Roshaven, who lent me the post and forfeit after I lost mine on the subway. As Ann Feeney sings, “if you’ve been to jail for justice, then you’re a friend of mine”

    It was also heartening to have so much support from my fellow board members at the UU Ministry for Earth. Being arrested with former board chair Barbara Ford and former treasurer Terry Wiggins made our interfaith day at the Tar Sands Action a day to remember.

    Let’s keep on building the movement to take us beyond fossil fuels to a 21st century energy economy. We are a part of history!

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