The folks from Food and Water Watch recently contacted the UUA to let us know about an important anti-fracking action in Trenton, New Jersey.

What is fracking?

“Fracking (aka, hydraulic fracturing or industrial gas drilling) is a dangerous way of getting oil and gas and a shortsighted energy strategy. It’s poisoning our air and water and on its way to jeopardizing the health of millions more Americans.  We can find a better way—one that protects our health and gives us clean, safe energy sources that never run out.” — Earth Justice

“Relatively new drilling technology, high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing, now makes it possible to reach natural gas reserves that underlie much of the state of Ohio.
Commonly referred to as “horizontal hydrofracking” or just “fracking,” deep-shale natural gas drilling uses high-pressure injection of water, sand, and chemicals to release the trapped gas.
The environmental and health impacts from high-volume, horizontal hydraulic fracturing in other states are shocking and well documented, with a significant number of spills, blowouts, leaking wells, and other accidents and releases of contaminants.” — Ohio Environmental Council

If you want the positive spin on fracking you can visit Energy Tomorrow. NOTE that this is information from American Petroleum Institute who will reap all of the benefits of natural gas extraction while placing all the risk on the American public and the interconnected web of life.

Fracking, much like the Tar Sands, that have most recently been featured on this blog, will only continue our country’s reliance and dependency on oil and gas detracting attention from developing renewable energy resources.  Fracking is an environmental justice issue mostly because it puts the risk on people especially people who have historically been oppressed and marginalized.

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) is meeting on Monday, November 21, 2011 (note: this is a change from the original date) to vote on whether or not to allow fracking in the Delaware River Basin, which spans parts of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

In response to this Food and Water Watch and their supporters and networks will are planning a massive demonstration rally prior to the vote “to show commissioners that people are opposed to fracking.”

You are invited to join the demonstration rally – take your signs, your congregational banners, Standing on the Side of Love swag, etc to show that as a person of faith, you oppose fracking.  Food and Water Watch is arranging for buses and vans to bring people to Trenton, NJ.

If you can’t make the rally on Monday, November 21st sign the online petition to stop fracking in the Delaware River Basin.

An excellent resource about fracking is the film Gasland by Josh Fox.

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  1. Cathy Cambridge

    I am very much against fracking. The danger to our already imperilled environment is just too great. Also it just continues our dependence on oil. Having the oil come from our own sources makes it no less polluting and makes it more distructive as our own land is being distroyed to produce it.

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