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One of only five facilities to receive the prestigious Energy Star award in 2009 in the category of Houses of Worship,  the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta (UUCA) is also the first UU congregation and the first congregation in Georgia to receive this award.

The Energy Star Award is a national conservation award developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  to recognize excellent energy performance by building type. Energy Star ranks facilities from 0 to 100 based on their energy and water consumption. In order to receive an award, the facility must be in the 75th percentile or higher (i.e. at least 75% of facilities use more energy than we do). Many consider the Energy Star Award more prestigious than LEED NC certification since it is based on actual energy consumption rather than projected energy savings.

The Energy Star Award confirms the sound sustainability decisions UUCA has implemented in the last ten years. The “Building the Vision” campaign in 2002 and the “Finish the Job” campaign in 2005 transformed our energy inefficient building completed in 1965 into a national leader in sustainable design.  Our renovated facility with the 3,000 square-foot office addition uses less than half the gas required to heat the original building and substantially less electricity.

This national award and the efforts behind it are part of a focused sustainability initiative in the congregation which has entailed exploring the nature of sustainable living. This initiative is not just about the environment: it honors all four points of the sustainability compass simultaneously: nature, economy, society, and personal well-being.

It’s about learning and using the language of sustainability,” says Senior Minister Rev. Anthony David, ” and it IS a second language.”

“We’ve got to think bigger and more systemically. We’ve got to look for solutions that honor the environment even as they grow the economy, create a more just world, and strengthen our individual lives.”

To learn more about UUCA’s 2009 Energry Star Award visit their building profile.

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    out of curiosity, after reading this article, what other invasive plants are out there with biomass potential? perhaps, if there are already plants out there taking over our marginal land, and they are making plenty of biomass… maybe we should be harvesting them and making biofuel out of them?

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